WARPFIRE DRAGON The fell beasts named by scholars as Warpfire Dragons are hateful and ruinous creatures, albeit thankfully a rare sight in the Old World. Their long, charred-black bodies constantly twitch and shudder as if tormented by unseen blades, and clusters of strange crystals mar their scaled hides. The very air about them throbs with tainted power, and their breath is like no other dragon’s; a coruscating blast of scintillating red-black lightning that can scorch even ethereal spirits and other creatures of magic. The destructive power and twisted form of a Warpfire Dragon is fuelled and maintained by devouring pure warpstone. Only the mighty constitution of a dragon could withstand the effects of so much concentrated power without it being torn to pieces, although the violent death of such a creature often leads to a spectacular and explosive end. The scarcity of warpstone often brings a Warpfire Dragon into conflict with the Skaven, and it is with the promise of this immensely powerful material that the most arrogant (or insane) of wizards will seek to strike a bargain with the creature; although it is said that even the legendary Binding Scrolls of Kadon are not enough to fully control such a malign and wicked beast.

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Warhammer AoS




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