The kit is comprised of 17 components, with which you can assemble two Van Saar Champions, and is supplied with 2x 25mm Citadel Necromunda Bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

Augmeks are well versed in countless forms of technological warfare that the Van Saar practise, and the advanced wargear forms that they employ. Often they will act as the gang’s ‘heavies’, lugging massive weapons into battle, giving their Prime access to unrivalled firepower. Augmeks also stand ready to take up the leadership role should their Prime fall, allowing the Van Saar gang to transition swiftly from one commander to another without any loss of combat effectiveness. Fighting alongside the gang, Van Saar Archeoteks spend most of their time focussing on understanding the valuable STCs the gang revere, and as such many of them have secured more valuable positions in the gang.

Bringing a mix of devastating firpower, tactical expertise, and esoteric technology to the battlefield, this kit contains two Van Saar Champions – one armed with a lasgun, the other with a las sub-carbine and a servo-claw. One is wearing mesh armour and the other flak armor, which can be used as an Augmek and a Archeotek in games of Necromunda.


Hired Guns




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