ULTRAMARINES INVICTARII LEGION MKIV SQUAD x 10 This set complet – ULTRAMARINES INVICTARII HEADS & TORSOS x 10 – ULTRAMARINES LEGION MKIV SHOULDER PADS x 20 – LEGION MKIV MAXIMUS ARMOUR arms, backpacks and legs x 10 Invictarii armour is finely detailed, artificer-wrought power armour bestowed upon warriors of the Ultramarines Legion in honour of the deeds they have accomplished in service to the Imperium. It is often worn by those who have served in the elite echelon of warriors known as the Invictarus Suzerains before being assigned command.

Weight1 g

Warhammer 40k

[WH] Battlefield Role


[WH] Unit Type


[WH] Army or Faction (Imperium)

Space Marines, Ultramarines




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