Material : High quality resin cast. Packing : Packed in normal box THEODORE BRUCKNER AND REAPER Theodore Bruckner is a giant of a man, the serving Judicial Champion of Nuln and Countess Emmanuelle’s Headsman. Wielding the ancient sword ‘Liarsbane’, Bruckner will often take to the field of battle alongside the Iron Companies of Nuln, mounted on the fearsome Demigryph, Reaper, which is perhaps the largest of its kind. Full resin set containing this mighty champion both mounted on his fell Demigryph and on foot. Four different head options are included: two different variations of both a helmeted and bare head, providing a wealth of modelling options. Models designed by Kev White.

Weight1 g

Warhammer AoS

[FB] Armies

The Empire

[AoS/FB] Race


[AoS/FB] Unit Type

Hero, Monster




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