The Scots Guards had the opportunity to demonstrate their worth during the diverse Antipode Offensives, but where they shone the most was in the Commercial Conflicts, confronting better-equipped regular professional forces. The Scots Guards distinguished themselves in Northwest Border operations, supporting the Merovingian Rapid Response Force and earning an Honorable Mention for their brilliant actions against the unstoppable forces of Yu Jing during the Lochleil Defense. The Sixth Regiment proved itself an elite unit comparable to any other in the Sphere, a unit with all the courage of the Highlanders but none of their characteristic madness in combat. Nevertheless, the most important thing they proved was their adaptability and integration into an international force situation. Because of this, the Scots Guards were the first option of the Ariadnan Command to be part of the Paradiso Expeditionary Corps at O-12′s request, as well as one of the first Ariadnan units assigned outside the Dawn system.

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