he Reaverettes have a long and proud history cheering for the Reikland Reavers. Based in the Old Bowl stadium in Altdorf, they are as synonymous with Blood Bowl as the Reavers themselves. Getting into the Reaverettes is even harder than earning a spot on the Reikland Reavers however, the cheerleaders chosen for not just their agility and vocal abilities but also their intelligence. Rumour has it that given the number of head injuries among the Reavers their cheerleaders also double as their accountants and publicists. This resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble The Reaverettes, a Human cheerleading squad. 4 models are included, each posed in synch with the other – arms aloft holding pom-poms (actual pom-poms, not the scary metal spiky weaponry of certain other cheerleading squads…), left leg in the air. These models are supplied with 4 32mm Blood Bowl bases, and rules for using cheerleaders in games can be found in The Inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac.

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