Even on a world as violent as Necromunda, the crimes of the Eightfold
Harvest Lord have turned the stomachs of hardened Enforcers and jaded
Guilders. Its arrival always precedes the spreading of starvation,
madness and cannibalism throughout the underhive. Wrapped in fluttering
strips of human skin, it advances on its prey, desperate to spill the
blood of the living.

The Eightfold Harvest Lord is a Bounty Hunter available only to a Corpse
Grinder Cult, Chaos Helot or Chaos Corrupted gang. Armed with paired
heavy chain cleavers, it can easily slice through any non-believers in
the underhive, adding their remains to its impressive trophy rack.

This 12-part, highly detailed resin kit makes one Eightfold Harvest Lord
and is supplied with a 32mm Necromunda base. Rules for using this model
in games of Necromunda can be found in Necromunda: The Book of Ruin.


Hired Guns




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