The Damned Damsels are the dedicated cheer squad of the Doom Lords, summoned from the Chaos Wastes by the dark prayers of the team’s coach. Murderous creatures dedicated to the Ruinous Powers, each Damned Damsel is a daemonic soul bound into the body of a willing victim. This union of warp-born entity and human host means the Damned Damsels radiate Chaos energy and killer dance moves (quite literally), their eyes blazing with etheric fire as they scream out their devotion to the Dark Gods – and if this means the odd fan spontaneously turns into Chaos spawn then all the better! This resin kit contains all the components necessary to assemble The Damned Damsels, a Chaos Chosen cheerleading squad. These are 4 horned, tailed and furious-looking cheerleaders, who have eschewed the traditional pom-poms for a more spiky approach – each holds a metal ring in each hand, covered in vicious-looking metal points. More like fearleaders, eh Eh (you’re fired. – ed) These models are supplied with 4 32mm Blood Bowl bases, and rules for using cheerleaders in games can be found in The Inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac.


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