TELERAC PATTERN VOLKITE CULVERINS SET The loss of Forge Worlds during The Horus Heresy sped the decline of Volkite weapons in the Imperium. The technology, difficult to manufacture even by the most able of the Mechnicum’s forges, was rendered scarce in the aftermath of The Age of Darkness. Telerac pattern weapons are far more ancient and ill-omened even those designated ‘Proteus’, the name implying dark associations with the technological horrors of the deep reaches of the Age of Strife. The shortage of reliable supplies of Volkite weaponry saw many Telerac pattern weapons restored to service in the name of the Emperor, and carefully mainteded in the Space Marine armouries. The heaviest of the portable Legiones Astartes ‘Volkite’ weapons, the Volkite Culverin is a thermal ray weapon of ancient provenance. Its beam has a devastating effect on organic matter, explosively burning flesh into ash and jetting fire. This is a multi-part resin upgrade kit. It includes five resin Telerac pattern volkite culverin, five backpacks fitted with fuel cells, and five power cables which should be gently heated and bent to fit. These weapons are compatible with both resin and plastic Space Marines.

Weight1 g

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