Grishnákh leads the Orcs sent from Minas Morgul to Isengard to keep an
eye on Saruman’s progress. A ruthless Orc, Grishnákh has honed his
skills over the years in combat and in the raiding of nearby
settlements. This has left him in a position of relative power within
the Orcish ranks. Following the slaughter of the Orcs and Uruk-hai at
the hands of Éomer’s Eored, Grishnákh pursued Merry and Pippin into
Fangorn – only to receive a welcome befitting a trespassing Orc.

A sneaky and vindictive Orc, Snaga was a part of the band of Orcs that
was sent by Sauron to keep an eye upon the actions of his puppet
Saruman. Along with Grishnákh and his Orcs, Snaga met with Uglúk’s
warband of Uruk-hai Scouts following their capture of Merry and Pippin
in order to take the Halflings back to Isengard. Yet having not eaten in
days, Snaga’s mind turns towards eating their prisoners – a train of
thought that leads to Snaga becoming the main course.

Add some narrative flair to your Isengard collection with a warband of
Mordor Orcs led by Grishnákh and Snaga. Both wear crude armour and carry

The set contains two resin miniatures, each supplied with a Citadel 25mm
Round Base.








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