The Sump Dogs are one of the hardest gangs to ever ride the ash roads of the Spider Points, and their success can be attributed to one man: Slate Merdena. Slate controls a dozen Hive Primus Ash Gates in the name of House Orlock, and has earned a reputation for being nigh unkillable – having survived bullets to the chest, blades between the shoulders and even being thrown under the wheels of his own rig. Often the mere sight of Slate and his faithful Cyber Mastiff Macula, are enough to send enemies running, lest the end their days as a mile-marker on the Spider Points, like so many before them. This multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble Slate Merdena – an Orlock Road Boss – and Macula, his faithful Cyber Mastiff and Exotic Beast. Slate Merdena is a shining example of Orlock leadership – decked out in standard duster jacket, heavy boots and slit-eye goggles, he’s carrying a wide array of tools, grenades and chains on his waist, with a plasma pistol by his side in his left hand and a large hammer slung over his right shoulder. Macula is a different proposition entirely; though recognisable as a dog, he has undergone countless augmentations. His front left leg has been replaced with a powerful cybernetic limb, around which the flesh is giving way to metal, and his metal spine is visible at the base of his neck. Other than this (well, and the sensor array in place of his eye), he’s a fairly standard pooch, albeit one with frankly irresponsible levels of muscle… This kit comes as 8 components and is supplied with a 25mm and a 32mm Necromunda base.

Weight 1 g

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