Every once in a while, a player appears that breaks the mould. Skrull Halfheight was a Dwarf blessed with a prodigious passing ability. Unfortunately for Skrull, his receivers were Dwarfs, and as he waited for one of them to trundle slowly into position, the opposition executed a career-ending tackle on the unfortunate Thrower. This beautiful game wasn’t done with Skrull, though, and he was resurrected by none other than famous Necromancer coach, Tomolandry, eager to try out a long game for his own Champions of Death.

A Dwarf Thrower, they ask with eyebrows raised incredulously? Your opponents won’t underestimate him more than once… This unconventional Star Player can be Induced by any Sylvanian Spotlight and Worlds Edge Superleague team to add a frankly impressive passing strategy. As befitting a player with no flesh and blood, Skrull is cool under pressure and very survivable (so to speak, anyway) – ideal for mixing it up on the Line of Scrimmage and then sending the ball sailing out to a breakaway catcher on the other side.


Star Players, Dwarves




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