As one of the Darkside Cowboys’ most successful players, Roxanna makes such a show of spilling the blood of her foes that it is rare indeed when she does not end a match with her skin slick with the blood of fallen opponents. And the fans love it, especially the cruel-hearted Dark Elves and other, equally mean-spirited types. Some however claim that Roxanna uses her status and role as a means of retaining her youthful features and soft, pale skin, and indeed several cosmetics brands have sought to sponsor her in order to be associated with such a starkly beautiful player. Others whisper that as a Witch Elf, Roxanna is compelled to bathe in the blood of her enemies lest she age and wither into a stooped crone – none to have voiced such a suspicion, however, have lived to repeat it. This multipart resin kit contains the component necessary to assemble Roxanna Darknail, a Star Player for use in Dark Elf and Amazon Blood Bowl teams. She’s very much the archetypal Witch Elf – minimal armour, an enormous headdress, incredibly long hair (whose weighty plaits are not something you’d want to be whipped by…) She can be modelled either running with a ball, or with a spiked fist on her left hand. This kit comes as 7 components, and is supplied with a 32mm Blood Bowl base.


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