Within the Redemption, the worship of false idols is a grievous heresy, and the word-keepers are swift to punish those who see the divine in sanctioned places. This of course does not stop members of Clan Cawdor from making effigies to the God-Emperor from hive detritus or building shrines beneath particularly auspicious looking gunk-stains. Then there are men like Rattus Tatterskin who hear the Emperor’s voice in the incessant squeaking of his rats.

Tatterskin claims to have spoken with the spirit of the Emperor, who he says inhabits the body of a gigantic rat deep in the depths of the underhive. The ‘Emperor’ sent some of His servants to Tatterskin, so that Cawdor scum might understand His divine will. As it turns out, the divine will of the Rat-Emperor is that the hive be purged of the enemies of the Redemption, something Tatterskin has taken to with great vigour.

Rattus Tatterskin is a Hired Gun for Necromunda and can be used exclusively by House Cawdor gangs. He and his heavy stubber can boost a Cawdor gang’s firepower – and as his rats whisper the words of the Rat-Emperor to him (yes, really!), he can go insane and become even more dangerous.

This 7-piece resin kit builds one Rattus Tatterskin with a heavy stubber and flak armour.




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