The Variant features a less clothed version of our Generic character and includes alternate artwork by Lokman Lam. In some cases, this version was actually created before the original. The Paladin continues the result of a collaboration between Adam & Lokman, exploring some well established tropes in fantasy art. Originally intended as a small line of Generic Hero Classes, the results were so compelling and un-generic, each hero’s appearance told so many exciting stories that we wanted to integrate them into the KD world but so far nothing concrete has emerged. Truth Bearers defend honesty and justice above all else. Every day a knight speaks the truth, their shields grow. A boon but also a burden, the impervious shields deflect any claw, but also become impossibly heavy. The most pious paladins must radically increase their bone density so they can wield the massive symbols of their faith. Grueling strength training takes place underwater, in saline pools filled with the tears of lying initiates.

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