Ortruum 8-8 is the product of one of Lord Helmawr’s Psykanariums; inbred from the fractured genus of dozens of Psyker bloodlines to create a horrifying, yet potent psychic weapon. Ortruum 8-8 is one of Necromunda’s only Wyrds; deadly psykers whose strange powers can tip the balance of power in your favour in your campaigns. If you’ve got the creds, you’ll find Ortruum 8-8 invaluable, capable of illuminating enemy fighters and making them easier to shoot at, or blasting them aside with telekinetic waves. This resin set is supplied in 7 components, and comes with 1x 32mm Necromunda Base and 1x Clear Flight Stem. Rules for this model can be found in Gangs of the Underhive, available separately.


Hired Guns




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