The greenskinned Orcs are a brutal and savage species; hulking, powerful and possessed of a low cunning often underestimated by their myriad enemies. Their armies are commanded by a Warboss; the biggest, strongest and most powerful of their number, and as the Warboss’ tally of victories grows, so too does its stature, with the great Waaagh!s being led by hulking, verdant monsters who stand head and shoulders above the teeming masses who follow in their wake. As the Warboss wins more victories and grows in notoriety, its vanity and ego will also increase. A subordinate will often be granted the honour of carrying a great, ramshackle standard into battle, loudly and vulgarly proclaiming the Warboss’ prowess in the form of crude glyphs and the broken arms and armour of the vanquished, as well as rotting trophies torn from the field of battle and nailed prominently upon the banner. The Orc Command Set, designed by Edgar Skomorowski, contains two multi-part resin models, each packed with jaw-dropping detail from the severed wing of a great Wyvern, bearing the broken body of a Trollslayer, which the Standard Bearer carries, to the mighty, battered axe and the hateful bellow etched upon the Warboss’s features.

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Warhammer AoS




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