NIGHT GOBLIN COMMAND SET Prevalent throughout the Old World, the Night Goblins of the Worlds Edge Mountains have developed into a sun-hating sub-species of the greenskin race. Considered particularly vicious and cruel for their kind, they are infamous for their cultivation of dangerously hallucinogenic fungus and their skill at rearing the bizarre and improbable Cave Squigs. Individually cowardly, when Night Goblins gather in massed ranks they are renowned for their maliciousness, and it is the Night Goblin Warbosses and Big Bosses that most epitomise this bullying spite, having risen to their position through treachery and backstabbing. The most powerful (or most foolhardy) of these warlords sometimes ape the heroes of other races, and ride to battle on Great Cave Squigs, hand-reared at the cost of many dozens of Night Goblin handlers. The natural ferocity and toughness of these obnoxious beasts is also often augmented by crude armour plating, bolted and nailed to the Squig’s thick hide. In battle it is common for one of a Warboss’s underlings to be given a tattered, filthy and terribly ostentatious battle standard. Night Goblin Shamans are sinister and crazed individuals, due to their consumption of huge quantities of the powerfully hallucinogenic fungus for which the Night Goblins are renowned. Without bases.

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Warhammer AoS




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