Collect together each of the Hired Guns currently available for Necromunda: Underhive, and add some much-needed muscle to whichever gang you play. Included in the bundle:

Necromunda Hired Guns

A resin kit including a Bounty Hunter and 2 Hive Scum:

Yolanda Skorn, the Bounty Hunter, carries a stilettos knife and holstered stub gun, which she is modelled reaching for with her cybernetic hand. Her miniature is covered in the details you’d expect from a Bounty Hunter, with spikes and leather making up the bulk of her armour, and radio equipment attached to the googles pushed up over her head.

Grub Targeson and Mad Dog Mono, the 2 Hive Scum, are much larger and more grizzled prospects – Grub, with his wide, hunched shoulders and impressive beard, clutches a combat shotgun and combat knife, while Mad Dog holds a stub gun and glaive. Grub is covered in chunky armour plating, while Mad Dog favours a more minimal approach, with a standout feature being his selection of equipment pouches on his toolbelt.

Gor Half-horn, Beastman Bounty Hunter

This is a multi-part resin kit which makes Gor Half-horn. He’s an appropriately grotesque miniature, as you’d expect from someone horribly mutated in the underhives – his animalistic facial features are distorted further by the cybernetic augmentations (and the grim, cigar-chomping expression of a beastman who’s ready to kill.) He’s absolutely covered in the tools of his trade – extra grenades and pouches are attached to the his upper body armour, and his furred, digitigrade legs feature a stiletto knife. He carries 2 holstered guns – a stubgun and shotgun – which accompany the plasma pistol clutched in his left hand nicely. His right hand That’s given over to a huge chainsword.

Weight 1 g

Hired Guns




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