A hulking brute of an Ogre Blocker, Morg ’N’ Thorg is something of a lumbering juggernaut. Nearly eight feet tall, bludgeoning his way through the opposition, he’s always a spectacle to watch out for on the pitch. Off the field, his frightening appearance disguises a truly gentle nature, making him a bizarre hit with children – on the pitch, however, he tramples anything that gets in his way, often simply handing the ball to one of his teammates and flinging them into the End Zone to score. Morg ’N’ Thorg, a truly legendary Blood Bowl player, can be added to any Blood Bowl team (except Undead; he’s really not a fan) with this multi-part resin kit. Particularly large and covered in spikes, with a knowing smirk on his gigantic face, he would be an asset to any Blood Bowl collection. His rules are found on a Star Player card in the Blood Bowl boxed set, and in Death Zone Season 1. This kit comes in 7 components and includes 2 32mm round base

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