MK V HERESY ARMOUR The iconic MkV ‘Heresy’ Armour Set is an archaic pattern of Power Armour, first created during the dark and shadowed days of the Great Betrayal, which saw several layers of inferior-quality materials bonded with adamantium studs. As some Forge Worlds sided with Horus and some remained loyal to the Emperor, the supply lines from the Forge Worlds that manufactured arms and armour for the Legions were heavily disrupted, forcing the Legions to develop the Mk V pattern.  Complete resin kit. Models designed by Will Hayes and Phil Stutcinskas , provides enough parts to build 5 Space Marines in Mk V ‘Heresy’ Armour, including two different sets of legs, shoulder pads, arms, torsos and helmets. These components are fully compatible with the Games Workshop range of plastic Space Marine kits. Plastic components shown for illustrative purposes only.


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