On Necromunda, Chain Lords and Shaklemen are the bloated fight masters
and slave drivers of the Merchants Guild readily dealing in both human
flesh and human misery. The greatest Chain Lords trade in entire domes,
settlements or manufactorums of slaves, sealing the fate of thousands
with a single sweep of their hand. For most though, they bring their
merchandise with them, dragging lines of bent-backed men and women to

Improve your Goliath Gang’s chances of success in the underhive by
forming an alliance with a Slave Guild. This opens up the option of
including a Slaver Entourage in your forces, offering even more close
combat hitting power to your gang.

This highly-detailed resin kit comes in 37 components and builds a Chain
Lord, armed with shock whip and chainaxe and equipped with light
carapace armour, a bio-booster and a stimm-slug stash, a Shakleman armed
with shock stave and harpoon launcher, equipped with flak armour and a
cult icon, and 2 Pit Fighters, each armed with chain glaives and
equipped with flak armour and a stimm-slug stash. It comes supplied with
4 Necromunda 32mm bases.

Rules for using Mercator Sanguis Slaver Entourage in games of Necromunda
can be found in Necromunda: House of Chains and Necromunda: The Book of


Hired Guns




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