Orruk Megabosses are pretty killy – it’s how they become as huge as they do, all that stompin’ causes them to grow and grow and grow until the power of the Waaagh! flows through them. But for some Megabosses, this isn’t enough! These particularly angry orruks seek out and subdue enormous Maw-krushas (often by yelling really, really loudly at them) – ill-tempered and powerful creatures who enjoy smashing stuff up almost as much as the orruks themselves. This uneasy pairing never really gets along especially well, and the Megaboss needs to constantly remind his Maw-krusha who’s in charge with the liberal application of an iron boot to the back of the head. Despite this, almost nothing on the battlefield can withstand their noisy rampage, and the immense number of kills they rack up inspires nearby orruks to fight ever harder.

This multi-part resin kit.
Without base.

Weight1 g

Warhammer AoS

[AoS] Destruction


[AoS/FB] Race

Maw-krusha, Orruk

[AoS/FB] Unit Type

Hero, Monster




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