LORD COMMANDER EIDOLON OF THE EMPEROR’S CHILDREN Lord Commander Eidolon was the pre-eminent commander of the Emperor’s Children. An exemplar of the Legion, he embodied the perfection sought by the sons of Fulgrim. His arrogance and search for perfection led him to the ministrations of Chief Apothecary Fabius in his quest to ‘improve’ upon the designs of the Emperor of Mankind. A skilled and aggressive warrior who specialised in striking down his foes with a single blow, Eidolon carried a master crafted thunder-hammer and archaeotech pistol in to battle, and made use of a jump pack to strike with speed and surprise. The surgeries he endured enhanced him with a sonic shrieker grafted into his larynx that produced a howl so destructive it could shatter bone and armour. Lord Commander Eidolon is part of the Horus Heresy Character Series. He can be mounted on a removable display base depicting the remains of a shattered Deredeo pattern Dreadnought. A pair of optional heads, one helmeted and one bare, are included. Lord Commander Eidolon is presented in a Horus Heresy Character Series presentation box.

Weight1 g

The Horus Heresy

[WH] Battlefield Role


[WH] Unit Type

Character, Infantry

[WH] Army or Faction (Chaos)

Chaos Space Marines, Emperor's Children




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