Lizardmen Salamander Salamanders are large, predatory creatures that dwell in swamps and estuaries. They are swift-moving on both and water, with strong, slender bodies, viciously sharp talons and a long, powerful tail that propels them through water towards their prey. They have a ravenous appetite and are able to hunt and kill creatures many times their own size. Salamanders have been used against enemy warriors protected by strong field fortifications. They can spit a burst of highly caustic liquid from their gullet that burns and incapacitates their prey; so the Salamander’s attack is devastating when used against such foes, for the burning liquid will splash through embrasures to burn alive those within. This pack contains one Lizardmen Salamander in metal.

Weight1 g

Warhammer AoS

[AoS] Chaos


[AoS/FB] Race

Celestial, Daemon

[AoS/FB] Unit Type

Monster, Unit




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