Founded by the ancestors of Girion and reinstated under the rule of King Bard following the rebuilding of Dale, the Knights of Dale are the elite of the city’s armies. These warriors protect the royal families of the city upon the battlefield. Clad in thick plated armour and wielding both shields and spears, the Knights of Dale are highly skilled combatants and are often led by the city’s future kings. At the time of the War of The Ring, the king’s son, Bard II, commands the Knights of Dale.

In your games, these elite units act as formidable bodyguards to your Garrison of Dale Heroes. They are extremely dangerous to charge, so your enemies will think twice about trying to rush your units. Their unusual design is based on a piece of unused concept art, giving you a glimpse into an expanded aesthetic not yet seen on the battlefield. The three styles of head will work with any of the bodies, allowing you to mix and match them for added variation.








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