Stormcast Eternals are known for three things – their love of hammers, their hatred of evil and their tendency to show up unexpectedly to kick the wicked right in their stupid faces. Indeed, one such champion of Order is about to make a dramatic entrance… This is Dacian Anvil – a noble Knight-Questor who’ll be helping hobbyists smash ghosts, daemons and anyone else who thinks hammers are anything other than rad as heck! Clad in the ornate Sigmarite battle plate that marks him as one of the foremost Stormcast Eternals, and best-dressed individuals in the Mortal Realms, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to add Dacian to your collection right now. You’ll get your chance eventually, so worry not – we’ll have more details on how and when he’ll be available closer to his full release. In the meantime, if you’re filled with righteous purpose and want to smite evil (or just paint something cool) right now, pick yourself up a Knight-Questor?


Warhammer AoS




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