Klovis the Redeemer and Deacon Malakev are rarely seen apart. In order to impart the Emperor’s faith to the wretched and unloved in the underhive of Necromunda, they work as a well-oiled team. Klovis himself brings the fire and fury of faith, flames emblazoned on his robes, brazier lit and spitting, eviscerator chainsaw rattling, giving his sermons an even more violent undertone. Deacon Malakev is Klovis’ dedicated servant, and he is barely more than a mobile lectern. He dutifully follows Klovis around the underhive, recording his deeds within books and on parchment, his hunched form shrugging off bullets and blows as he acts as an armoured pulpit from which the Redeemer can perform his deadly sermons.

Together, this pair adds a heavy dose of zealotry to any Cawdor gang, unstoppable in the face of adversity, Klovis’ firey homilies strike fear in the hearts of the unfaithful and lead the gangers of House Cawdor to ever more glorious acts of depraved worship.


Hired Guns




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