K’DAAI FIREBORN The priests of Hashut have long sought to create something more than a mere bound spirit and with the K’daai Fireborn they have succeeded; through their dark arts they have forged a race of powerful warriors, half-daemon and half-raging fire. Drawn from the magma of the deep earth, birthed in the boiling blood sacrifices of Hashut’s altars, and bound and given form within an armoured framework of articulated iron and rune-stamped bronze, the K’daai are devastating shock troops that slumber between battles as cold frameworks of barbed metal. When unleashed upon an enemy force, the fire within them rages into existence and they become mindless, elemental forces of destruction that few mortals can hope to survive. Designed by Edgar Skomorowski, the K’daai Fireborn is a set of three intricately detailed multi-part resin models containing three different torso designs, three different lower bodies and three different pairs of weapons – each of which are fully interchangeable. Rules for the K’daai Fireborn fielded as part of a Chaos Dwarfs army can be found in Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos, and Binding Scroll rules to align this powerful force of darkness with other Warhammer armies are included in Monstrous Arcanum.

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Warhammer AoS




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