Isabella Von Carstein Isabella von Carstein was once a noblewoman, and the only child of the mad Count Otto von Drak. Without a male heir to his estate, Otto vowed to marry his daughter to a nobleman worthy of his land, though of course, that meant none of the local lords, who were all bitter rivals. The man to whom Isabella was eventually wed, was Vlad von Carstein, a darkly handsome nobleman from the north. Many years later, when Isabella fell ill to a fatal wasting disease, Vlad finally gave into Isabella’s request and allowed her to join him in Undeath. As a Vampire she would march into battle alongside Vlad, bolstering his might with the legendary Blood Chalice of Bathori – an ancient heirloom suffused with Dark Magic.

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Warhammer AoS

[AoS] Death

Legions of Nagash

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