The vanguard of Dain’s army, these Chariots run ahead of the Dwarves of the Iron Hills taking out any enemy scouts who dare to oppose them. Pulled by six goats at a time and with razor-sharp scythes attached to its wheels, anyone that is unfortunate enough to get in the way of a charging Chariot will end up considerably shorter! A highly detailed resin model, the Iron Hills Chariot makes a great Warriors unit for the Iron Hills Dwarf Army. The six large, horned goats that pull it are attached via collars of iron and wood, with a strong wooden brace in the middle. At the front of the intimidatingly spiked chariot stands a dwarf gripping the firing mechanism of a rapid-fire bolt thrower, with a dwarf wielding a sword by his side. On a raised platform stands the driver, who can be optionally replaced with an Iron Hills Captain (who is included in the kit). The kit comprises 83 components


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