The ballistae brought by Dain to the Battle of the Five Armies are an ingenious military invention that serves two purposes on the battlefield. Attached to the huge wooden bolts fired by the ballistae are a series of chains that upon being unleashed will spin about the bolt in a vicious fashion, slicing their foe’s arrows to kindling before careening into their ranks, sending both enemy and earth flying in all directions. Not only do these ballistae cause massive destruction, they also provide Dain’s armies with the protection they require to reach their enemy’s ranks unscathed. An Iron Hills Ballista provides an Iron Hills force with some welcome long-range firepower. Upon the battlefield the Ballista will shoot first every turn, ensuring that it can cause maximum amounts of devastation on an enemy ranks before they get the chance to respond. Also, any return fire that crosses the path of an Iron Hills Ballista’s shot will be immediately ripped from the sky and destroyed, allowing the Iron Hills Warriors below to march unimpeded into battle. This highly detailed, multi-part resin kit makes one Iron Hills Ballista and four Dwarf crew. Four 25mm round bases are included.

Weight1 g

War Machines


Iron Hills Dwarves




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