A colossal ion-shield-protected war machine capable of wreaking havoc on

a massive scale, the Knight Errant is a thermal cannon-equipped, reaper

chainsword-wielding monster covered in thick armour and spoiling for a

fight. Able to move with a speed and grace that surprises many, the

Knight Errant blasts battle tanks into so much bubbling, molten metal

and crushes batallions beneath its feet without suffering a scratch.

This kit contains everything you need to assemble the powerful, imposing

Knight Errant – it includes myriad weapons, the spares of which are

interchangeable with any other Imperial Knight miniatures you might own –

heavy stubber, reaper chainsword and thermal cannon are his own weapons

of choice. Also included are a variety of faceplates, and the Knight

Errant can be posed in an incredible variety of positions, making your

own model completely unique to you.

Without Base.

Weight1 g

Warhammer 40k

[WH] Army or Faction (Imperium)

Adeptus Mechanicus / Mechanicum

[WH] Battlefield Role

Lords of War

[WH] Unit Type





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