HOUSE TERRYN UPGRADE KIT The Knights of House Terryn are amongst the most warlike in the galaxy. Renowned for their victories against the enemies of Mankind on distant battlefields, in recent years the dual threats of Hive Fleet Leviathan and the rapidly expanding Tau Empire have forced them to fight ever closer to their home world Voltoris as the shadows of war close over the Imperium. The House Terryn Upgrade Kit is a multi-part resin kit for upgrading the plastic Imperial Knight. Designed by Keith Robertson, this kit features the livery of House Terryn upon two shoulder pads, a chest plate, hatch, tilting plate and banner.

Weight1 g

Warhammer 40k

[WH] Accessories

Vehicle Weapons and Upgrades

[WH] Army or Faction (Imperium)

Adeptus Mechanicus / Mechanicum




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