Helmut Wulf, a hitherto unremarkable Lineman for the Bruendar Grimjacks, once volunteered to try out a risky new piece of equipment at his coach’s request. He picked up a chainsaw for the first time and a lifelong bond was forged. It is quite likely that since that day he’s never gone more than five minutes without at least one chainsaw in his hands – certainly, he’s never been seen in public without one. In 2483 it is the height of the chainsaw craze and Helmut Wulf has risen to prominence as a master of his craft. In a memorable match against the now-disbanded Bogstaff Beardlings, he broke a strong cage formation single-handedly by leaping into the middle and spinning around wildly. How he survived (especially considering how very slippery it suddenly gets) is a mystery, but there’s no doubt that the man’s got style. Helmut Wulf is a Star Player who can be included in the following teams: Amazon, Chaos Renegades, Human, Lizardmen, Norse, Vampire. His unique brand of carnage and mayhem means that your opponent will be running scared from the first kickoff, and the revving of his chainsaw will haunt their nightmares for nights to come. This is a complete, multipart resin kit which contains one Helmut Wolf. He is supplied with a 32mm Blood Bowl base, and his rules can be found in the Inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac.

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