Bloodbowl 6th Edition Halfling & Goblin Referee GW1 GW2 Ref Forge World MIB. These miniatures are from the 6th Edition line of Games Workshop Bloodbowl figures. Great little figures, the GW1 Halfling referee is holding a whacking great big sandwich and the GW2 Goblin referee is flipping a coin to commence the match. The coin is actually a miniature version of the coins that came with the same years edition of the boxed set. The Goblin also has a big bag of cash he’s likely just received for the coin toss, which he is shuffling back behind him. In his back pocket he’s also got a wadge of notes! this is because Referees are well known to be morally upright arbitrators who can’t be bribed, unless it of course meets the union rates of the Referees and Allied Rulekeepers Guild! Games Workshop also came up with some useful optional rules for these Refs, which they printed in White Dwarf January 2017.

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