Although Gwaihir and his Great Eagles care little for the strivings of the earth-bound Men and Dwarves, they often find common cause against evil creature such as Orcs and Wargs. Gwaihir himself is the mightiest and most noble of the Eagles, known as the Windlord, and his power and dominion are incredible.

A magnificent Eagle, with wide wingspan and fierce expression, Gwaihir is a spectacularly detailed resin model which can be taken as a Hero in a Good army. He is presented on a rocky diorama base, one enormous set of talons pinning down the Warg he is attacking with the other. An unfortunate Orc is involved in the turmoil; his leg trapped beneath the Warg, he is forced to desperately wave his sword about in the fading hope that he may live to see another battle…

Packaged in a Character Series box, this model comes in 15 components and is supplied with a 60mm round base.

Weight1 g



Radagast’s Alliance




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