Grombrindal’s reputation is almost mythological. Tales abound of his shrewd tactical advice on the field of battle; on the Blood Bowl pitch this translates to a mastery of team strategies and the ability to draw the very best out of the players around him. The Black Gobbo is legendarily devious, as evidenced by his countless elaborate schemes to undermine the White Dwarf. Before he even thinks about setting foot on the pitch, it’s a given that he will have already established a web of bribery, hostage taking and other sneakiness that ensures the cooperation of the match officials. Legendary heroes, this Star Player duo can be used in games of Blood Bowl as long as one player has a Dwarf, Halfling, Human or Norse team and the other has a Chaos Renegade, Goblin, Orc or Underworld Denizen team. They’re not hired in the same way as other Star Players – things like contract negotiations, legal issues or basic civility are pretty alien to them, honestly – and both must appear in your game. Grombrindal is looking in fine form: his miniature features a splendid shock of white hair and a magnificent beard covering a purposeful scowl, with plenty of Dwarven iconography appearing on his kit. The Black Gobbo is appropriately robed and behatted, with sneakily studded armour beneath the robes – and a bomb. He’s clutching a bomb. That probably isn’t going to end well. These resin miniatures come as 8 components, and are supplied with 2 32mm Blood Bowl bases.

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Star Players, Dwarves




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