Description The Slayer Cult is a strange but well-documented aspect of life for a Dwarf, seen as the only option for those who have committed a shameful act. Shedding their worldly possessions and symbolically greasing their hair with pig fat, these contrite Dwarfs seek only a pure death in combat against the most terrifying foes imaginable. Traditionally, they had sought their fate on the battlefield, but all of that changed when Grim Ironjaw joined the Black Mountain Blades. Following a successful first season, Ironjaw spent several years moving from team to team, always striving to move up in the league rankings. After all, as he saw it, the most glorious death to be found on the pitch must surely be at the Blood Bowl itself, facing off against one of the NAF’s most accomplished teams. In the years since he has yet to compete in the fabled tournament, but with each passing season, his chances are greater and his legend grows ever more impressive. Who knows – maybe this is his year! Field Grim Ironjaw as a Star Player in your Dwarf Blood Bowl team with this resin kit. He’s a particularly stocky example of Dwarf strength, with bulging muscles beneath a frankly glorious beard featuring plaited-in details (skulls! He has skulls in his beard!) His mohawk is tall, and his fist clutches a terrifying-looking blade – truly, he’s an all-crushing Slayer and a half. This resin miniature comes as 5 components, and is supplied with a 32mm Blood Bowl base.

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