There is a long, messy history of Blood Bowl teams sneaking weapons onto the pitch, but few do it with such regularity (not to mention unapologetic brazenness) as Goblins. With very few exceptions, Goblin teams tend to have ready access to a well-stocked arsenal of unusual equipment at their disposal, most of which is hilariously deadly. Some weapons (like the ball and chain) have their roots in wider Goblin culture, while others (such as the fan-favourite chainsaw) have long been a part of Blood Bowl tradition, no matter what the refs say. As for the bombs Well, Goblins are nothing if not innovative, especially when it comes to thinking up outlandish ways to tip the odds in their favour… Give yourself a sneaky fighting chance by adding these unsportsmanlike Secret Weapons to your Goblin team – 3 in total, 1 Bomma, 1 Looney and 1 Fanatic. Each wear quite a lot of armour, hoping to delay their inevitable smearing across the pitch. The Fanatic wields an evil-looking ball and chain, the Looney strides purposefully forward with a small yet perfectly formed chainsaw and the Bomma… well, he’s carrying a bomb larger than his head, emitting a plume of noxious smoke as the fuse edges dangerously close to something of a violent exothermic reaction. If you’re going to cheat, bombs are a pretty good way to do it! These 3 resin miniatures come as 12 components, supplied with 3 32mm Blood Bowl bases.

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