There is a long, messy history of Blood Bowl teams sneaking weapons onto the pitch, but few do it with such regularity (not to mention unapologetic brazenness) as Goblins. With very few exceptions, Goblin teams tend to have ready access to a well-stocked arsenal of unusual equipment at their disposal, most of which is hilariously deadly. Goblin teams don’t play fair, and nor should you! Rally crowd support with an ’Ooligan, and threaten your opponent’s End Zone with the super-quick and agile Pogoer and Doomdiver. Goblin Killer Kontraptions is a 16-piece set cast in high-quality resin, and makes the following three Goblin Blood Bowl miniatures: – 1 ’Ooligan – 1 Pogoer – 1 Doomdiver

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