Empire Demigryph Knights Demigryphs possess razor-sharp talons and a powerful beak that can cut through armour and limbs with dreadful ease. When a Demigryph attacks, it strikes in a blur of motion, pouncing upon the enemy before they even have time to raise their weapons. Amongst some Knightly Orders, an aspiring knight’s final trial is to capture a Demigryph and break it to his will. Those few small Orders whose entire brotherhoods can take to war upon these monstrous beasts have a roll of victory honours surpassed only by the most ancient of Knightly Orders. Your noble knights of the Empire have good reason to feel assured when they ride into battle upon a Demigryph. Stronger and tougher than a warhorse, you’ll want to get your Demigryph up close to your foes, where it will use beak and claw to rip apart their armour like a can opener. If you’re lucky, the Knight might even get to attack something too…

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Warhammer AoS




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