Eldril Sidewinder has played Blood Bowl as long as most can remember, partly due to the incredibly long life span of his race, but mainly thanks to his sheer skill on the pitch. The secret of his success (and longevity) lies in his belonging to a singular class within Wood Elf and Sea Elf society – the Wardancers. These warriors combine athleticism and deadly skill, and are capable of dashing through a melee, weaving and leaping about their opponents while transfixing them with their grace such that foes are unable to react or even to think clearly. So beguiling are the movements of a skilled Wardancer that some claim it to be some manner of boon from the dark gods, a misconception that Sidewinder is ever keen to refute. Should you be looking high and low for a Star Player for your Dark Elf, Wood Elf, High Elf or Elven Union Blood Bowl team – you can stop looking because here, in the lithe shape of Eldril Sidewinder, is one! Bemohawked and lightly armoured – clad in a leather harness and shoulder protector, gauntlets, pants and running shoes (with some pretty hefty studs in the soles, no doubt ready to splinter the shins of all who stand before him), Edril is a prime example of the sort of cheekbones and jawline you only get from Elves. His rules are available in Blood Bowl Death Zone Season One. This resin kit is supplied with a 32mm Blood Bowl base.

Weight 8.5 g



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