Though they may not possess the riding skill of the hated Rohirrim, the horsemen of Dunland can still form a mighty charge against their enemies. What the Dunlending horsemen may lack in skill from horseback, they more than make up for in pure brute strength. The force of the Dunlending charge can splinter even the most well-formed shield walls as they use momentum from their horses to propel their axes blades through both wood and metal. Armed with an axe and shield, Dunlending Horsemen are the bold and hard-hitting cavalry of Thrydan Wolfsbane. If you seek to reclaim your ancestral lands from the usurpers of Rohan, look no further than these hard-hitting riders. The set contains two resin miniatures, each supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round Base. Their rules can be found in War in Rohan.




Cavalry, Warriors




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