Although he was once a great man and has ruled Gondor for many years, Denethor’s mind has been shattered by the loss of his beloved son Boromir. In the face of endless war, and with Sauron’s dread legions upon his own doorstep, Denethor abandons all reason and opts to join the heathen kings of old, attempting to burn himself and Faramir atop a pyre. Irolas is a Captain of the Citadel Guard who defended the uppermost level of the White City and guarded the Warden himself. When Faramir was returned wounded to the city, Irolas was among those who watched over the Warden’s son. This set contains two resin miniatures in three parts representing Denethor and Irolas. Denethor is draped in heavy, ornate robes and carries a flaming torch as he hurries to set his son’s pyre ablaze. Irolas is armoured as a Citadel Guard, with heavy plate and a long cloak. He is holding his helmet in one hand and the other grips the hilt of his sword.


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