Trained in the arts of silent murder their whole lives, assassins are the means by which Druchii society turns and maintains its vitality. Many vacancies in various political or financial institutions have popped open to the benefit of a young aspirant at the point of an assassin’s blade. The Dark Elves revel in this aspect of their society and take a perverse pride in the elegant manner by which progress is driven forwards. A great many assassins are attracted to Blood Bowl, and their skills are in high demand as the sudden removal from this mortal coil of a troublesome opposition player is always welcome with the players, whilst the fans are ever delighted to see a firm crowd favourite expire unexpectedly in a shower of arterial blood. This multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble 2 Dark Elf Assassins, for use in your Dark Elf Blood Bowl team. Both models are clad in the swishing finery assassins tend to gravitate toward – 1 is almost completely obscured by the cloak, hood and facemask atop their light armour, the other a little freer and looser, their cape billowing out behind them and their face visible beneath a metal helm. Both models clutch wicked-looking knives – of course, they’re assassins! This resin kit is supplied as 7 components, and includes 2 32mm Blood Bowl bases.

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