DARK ANGELS UPGRADE SET The first Legion created by the Emperor, the Dark Angels Legion set out on the Great Crusade to reclaim humanity’s lost worlds long before their Primarch, Lion El’Jonson, was found on Caliban. As the treachery of the Horus Heresy was revealed, the Dark Angels stood firm, turning their martial prowess to the Imperium’s defence against their treacherous brothers. This set contains thirty resin components – everything you need to upgrade a full ten man squad of Tactical Space Marines with the armour of your Legion, or to spread throughout your army. It includes; ten Dark Angels Legion Heads; ten Dark Angels Legion Torsos; and ten Dark Angels Legion Mk IV Shoulder Pads. 1 x DARK ANGELS LEGION HEADS UPGRADE SET 99550101467 2 x DARK ANGELS LEGION TORSOS UPGRADE SET 99550101468 1 x DARK ANGELS LEGION MKIV SHOULDER PADS 9955010146

Weight1 g

The Horus Heresy

[WH] Accessories

Weapons and Upgrades

[WH] Army or Faction (Imperium)

Dark Angels, Space Marines




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