Given the poverty that grips House Cawdor, most of the House’s allied gangs favour simple and effective weaponry; the battered autogun, the trusty stub gun and the rusty knife are all good enough for a Cawdor ganger. In fact, Cawdor gangs have a special talent for restoring discarded guns and blades, scraping together a working weapon from the parts of several others or making a new weapon onto which they can painstakingly carve the scriptures of their faith.

This set contains 31 resin components that make up the following weapons to add to your House Cawdor gangers:

– Long rifle x1

– Axe x2

– Shock baton x1

– Heavy flamer x1

– Two-handed hammer x1

– Flamer x1

– Reclaimed autopistol x1

– Fighting knife x2

– Hand flamer x1

– Chain glaive x1

– Stubgun x3

– Maul x1

– Sawn-off shotgun x1






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