A common sight amongst the peoples of House Cawdor is that of ragtag gangers working together to accomplish great feats. Clad in makeshift armour, armed with powerful weapons wrapped in bandages, and covered in candles, Stig-shamblers are an awe-inspiring sight for the faithful of Cawdor. When this brute and his rider deign to head into combat with their fellow devotees, they are a great asset to any gang seeking to establish dominance in the underhive.

Stig-shamblers let you add a mountain of muscle to your Cawdor gangs, with the added benefit of a brute-mounted heavy weapon. This disparate pair are well synchronised, able to move and shoot with ease by dedicating two minds to the task. While the brute of the pair is armed with a bladed weapon, his smaller friend can be equipped with your choice of a twin-linked heavy stubber or heavy flamer, so you can bring your preferred brand of purgation to the underhive.


Hired Guns




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