Human players are the best all-round Blood Bowl players in the Old World. They may lack the sheer strength of the Orcs, the agility of the High Elves, the toughness of the Dwarfs, the frenzy of the Dark Elves, or the speed of the Skaven, but they do not suffer any of these players’ weaknesses either. It is hardly surprising then that humans account for over 50% of all Blood Bowl players – so long as you include Skeletons, Ghouls and Vampires playing for Undead teams, and mutants playing for Chaos teams! Expand, enhance, fill out and indeed boost your Human team with this booster pack! It contains 4 resin miniatures – 2 Blitzers, a Thrower and a Catcher – each covered in detail and posed dynamically, with all the heroic jawlines and manly stares you would expect from these glorious sportsmen… These 4 resin miniatures come as 14 components, and are supplied with 4 32mm Blood Bowl bases. Human team rules can be found in Death Zone Season 1.

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